Book Covers Design Templates

Book Cover Design Layout Templates

Book Cover is the most important marketing tool in selling a new book as it is the first thing that a potential customer will see. A book cover should reflect the quintessence of the book as it showcases the whole book. Print Design Templates offers professional as well as affordable book design templates. There are many sample book design templates available which can be used to design magazine cover as well. Our book cover design template artists a have designed dozens of book covers & back covers for leading publishers by providing cutting edge templates.

There are a lot of abstract book cover templates available to choose from which can be used for various books and magazines cover graphic design. Also, there are various options to design a book cover using a template from scratch, which are cheap and the same time has a professional appeal. Templates for book cover design can be used for various magazines, like a fashion magazine cover and provides a cheap alternative for an online book cover design layout.

A few pointers on how to design a book cover:
1. Use the books that you like and use the covers as example for your own book cover design.
2. Get the essence of what the book is about as the artwork reflects all the words written in the book.
3. Appropriate font should be used for the title and author name.
4. Use at least four colors for the cover.